PhD and Postdoc positions available in our group

University of Geneva
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Research Position in Biomolecular and Pharmaceutical Simulations


Salary: about 45,000 CHF per annum for the PhD position, from 68,000 CHF per annum for the Postdoc position (subject to experience and qualifications).

We are looking for a PhD student and a Post-Doctoral researcher to join our group at the University of Geneva and work on an exciting Swiss National Science Foundation-funded project on cryptic (hidden) drug binding pockets and transient cavities at protein-protein interfaces.

We have developed simulation-based methods, such as SWISH, that were successfully used to detect cryptic binding sites in a number of proteins (doi:10.1021/acs.accounts.9b00613).

We plan to further develop these simulation-based methods and combine them with machine learning and structural bioinformatics approaches. The resulting computational platform will be used to investigate the presence of alternative cavities for ligand binding in difficult drug targets and the nature of transient cavities at protein-protein interfaces.

The long-term goal is to deploy these methods to design new drugs for complex diseases (such as cancer) and neglected diseases.

  • We are looking for candidates with experience in bio simulations and/or structural bioinformatics.
  • Coding/scripting experience is required.

We offer: competitive salaries, a very dynamic and interdisciplinary group as well as great opportunities to collaborate with other academic groups and pharmaceutical companies on live drug discovery efforts.

The PhD is funded for four years. The PDRA can be renewed for up to 3 years.

The deadline for applications is the: 20th of December 2021.

If you wish to apply, please email your CV and cover letter to:


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Any questions, please get in touch,
Prof. Francesco L. Gervasio